Tom Hanks Has Inexplicably Turned His Twitter Into A Lost And Found

Sharing the (g)love.

For many years now, Tom Hanks has enjoyed photographing lost gloves for his personal website (since regrettably deleted). 

But now the actor has taken it one step further, turning his Twitter account into an actual lost and found and reaquainting people with their stray socks, gloves, and identity cards in the process. 

Tom Hanks

He signs every single tweet "Hanx", which is both adorable and confusing. 

Tom Hanks

Last October, he actually managed to reunite a Fordham University student with her lost ID. 

Tom Hanks

There's basically no explanation for his antics other than: he is clearly the best human being to ever live, ever. 

Tom Hanks

Brb, off to drop some gloves. 

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