Tony Blair Tweeted And It Was A Big Mistake

Don't forget about Photoshop, Tony. Never forget about Photoshop.

Former Prime Minister and rock band manager Tony Blair voted Remain in today's referendum, and he wanted everyone to know.

Unfortunately for old Tony, he forgot about the fact that a lot of people think he's kind of a dick.

So this innocent little tweet...

... became so much more thanks to the incredible hive mind of the internet.

(Be careful - some of these are just a little NSFW. You know... depending on where you work.)

We finally discovered Blair's secret identity

And that he uses Comic Sans

Blair also has a big ol' beef with everyone's favourite astronaut

Try as he might, he can't escape Jeremy Corbyn


And curiouser

A truly startling admission

This explains a lot

Though we're not entirely sure what to make of this

We assume this is also referring to Trump


So there you have it, a speedy lesson in why you shouldn't tweet if you're a former Prime Minister associated with a disastrous war.

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