10 Famous Prank Calls That Will Never Not Be Funny

On your marks, handset, go.

Is there anything more fun than prank calling your best mate? 

Back in the day, pranksters would let loose on the Yellow Pages in search of the local takeaway shop or their teacher's home number.

These days, a complete gamble with random digits can pay off - just look at renowned Australian radio presenters Hamish and Andy, who called an unsuspecting Melbourne man and ended up finding the 'world's best bloke' on the other end of the line:

That's the beauty of prank calls - you never know what might happen. Check out our pick of the best:

10) Elvis Duran and the Morning Show - Mr Michael Oppenheimer the Persistant Telemarketer

9) The Steve Penk Show - Pizza Delivery

8) Sal & Richard - How You Doin'?

7) Z Morning Zoo - Unexpected John Cena

6) Darren "Whackhead" Simpson - BMW Auto Complaint

5) Elvis Duran and the Morning Show - Irish and Indian

4) The Steve Penk Show - Electrician 

3) Howard Stern - Multiple Voices

2) Darren "Whackhead" Simpson - Tesco Is Cheaper

1) The Steve Penk Show - Tony Blair 

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