Top Ten Fittest Male Cartoon Animals Ever

Just who exactly is the sexiest cartoon creature? We settle one of the most hotly debated questions in the land, once and for all...

[subheader]10. Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[/subheader]

Sure, Michaelangelo's more fun, but Raphael has a brooding, Keanu Reeves intenseness going on.

[subheader]9. Sherlock Hound[/subheader]

Benedict Cumberwho? He can only dream of looking as dapper as this dude. Speaking of dapper...

[subheader]8. Willy Fogg[/subheader]

That's one nice-looking, well-travelled lion.

[subheader]7. Tramp[/subheader]

Rough around the edges and from the wrong side of the tracks, Tramp's a bad boy who just needs a bit of love in his life.

[subheader]6. Beast[/subheader]

He's all grumpy on the outside, but when he puts his nice suit on and sticks that hair in a courtly ponytail, he's the perfect gentleman.

[subheader]5. Danger Mouse[/subheader]

He's like James Bond but pocket-sized. What's not to like? Nobody has looked that good in a poloneck since Roger Moore.

[subheader]4. Rude Dog[/subheader]

He's cool, unflappable, has charisma to burn and can make even dayglo pink wraparound shades look good. 

[subheader]3. Pongo from 101 Dalmatians[/subheader]

He's a family man who'd do anything for his kids, and damn, look at that smile...

[subheader]2. Simba[/subheader]

Look at his hair. Just look at his hair. Even his shadow would be fit.

[subheader]1. Robin Hood[/subheader]

A charming bad boy with a heart of gold, willing to do anything for Maid Marian? Yes please. 

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