Traumatic Pet Snail Story Sends Big Sister Into Meltdown

'FFS me and mum are howling.’

If you were one of those sadistic little kids who collected 'pets' from the garden and looked after them until mum decided it was time to set them free (i.e scrape their dried up carcasses into the bin while you were distracted with an ice lolly) you'll identify with the following tale.

Big sister Shauna recieved a text from her mother, begging her to be kind to her lil' sis when she got back from school that day. Why? Because she'd had a SUPER tough day.

Her teacher saw the snails by the sink, thought they'd found their way in from outside and chucked them out. We're dying, we're dying, we're dead. Just like those snails, if we're honest with ourselves.

'Yeah I know lol, fucking snails'.  Have a great day now!

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