Trico From The Last Guardian Is The Cutest Pet You'll Never Have

More like The Cutest Guardian... AMIRITE?

Let's get real for a second: Is there anything more tragic than pet simulators?

Nintendogs. PS Vita Pets. PokéFurbyGotchis. Every single one is a runner-up prize from parents who just can't be fucked to deal with a puppy or transform their house into a jumbo size scrating post.

Pet Sims aren't bad games because they're second best. They're bad because they're boring as heck. Well, they were...


Trico, for the unititiated, is a dog-bird-cat-griffin hybrid, who loves you and helps you and rolls around in puddles and mews and barks and is just all the best things about every pet you've ever had rolled into one (only without all the shitting).

From the first moment you feed him a barrel of butterflies to the last *REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED*, Trico is guaranteed to take a special place in your heart as the pet that got away.

But what if you could actually have a pet Trico IRL? 

Thanks to PlayStation's hilarious new sketch, we can finally find out!


Until we resurrect Richard Attenborough and beg him to make a Trico Park, we'll have to make do with The Last Guardian. Lucky it's a masterpiece really, innit?

The Last Guardian™ on PlayStation 4 is available from Friday 9th December from retailers across the UK, including from the PlayStation Store.

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