Trump Voters Are Starting To Freak Out About What They've Done

A Twitter account is sharing their meltdowns.

In case you feel like you're taking crazy pills, rest assured: Donald Trump is the least popular new President in at least half a century.

And as he's started to, you know, actually make decisions as President of the United States, some people have started to realise that he's... a bit shit. People that, uh, kind of voted for him.

Oh yeah, that regret is really starting to set in. It's been helped along a bit by the pretty horrible policies Trump has been throwing up with no actual understanding of what he's doing.

In fact, there are so many Trump voters who are upset at the direction he's taking (though it's a mystery as to why they're actually surprised) that a Twitter account called Trump Regrets has been set up to catalogue their complaints.

Are some of them fake? Probably. But are some of them real? Also probably.

Which means that more than a few Trump voters had NFI what they were doing when they put their ballot in that little box last November.

Trump is decidedly not chill

He is, quite predictably, a spoiled child



He will never log off

Everything is fine.

Feature Image: Getty Images/Comedy Central

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