Turns Out Jennifer Aniston's Cooking Skills Are Even Worse Than Rachel's

"I just don't have the time."

We all remember Rachel Green's disastrous English trifle (beef, sauteed with peas and onions, then a layer of lady fingers, banana and whipped cream - ick, watch above) but did you know Jennifer Aniston's not much of a chef IRL, either?

The health fanatic is super careful with what she eats in order to look and feel her best, but she's admitted she's not into home cooking.

Warner Bros.

"I would love to really learn how to cook and prepare beautiful meals, I just don't have the time", the actress told Red magazine.

When it comes to rustling up some grab, breakfast foods are about as good as it gets.

"[My trick is that] we call them cuppa eggs and they're these little poached eggs. I put them in a to-go cup. I'm really good at quick, on-the-go types of food."

The actress is super aware of how important it is to stay healthy:

"I'm definitely strict about what goes into my body. I got rid of Sweet 'N Low, Splenda... all those things we thought were good for us when we were getting rid of sugar.

"The thing that still needs to go is my Coffee-Mate creamer, but that's my last guilty pleasure."

We dread to think what she'd think of our 'guilty pleasures'... 

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