Turns Out Coke and Bleach Cocktails Are Really Effing Dangerous

Lovely, life-threatening lols.

Ever wondered what would happen if you spritzed up your Coca Cola with a dash of bleach? No? Well you should!

Check out this experiment by wannabe mixologist*, artist and YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker...

*NB: If you are an aspiring mixologist, or anyone with an interest in drinking things, or living for a long time, please do not add bleach to your coke.

As you can see, first the coke turns the colour of rust! Yum*!

*NB: This does not look appetising, please do not drink this bleach-infused-coke.

Then quickly takes on the appearance of pond* scum! Delicious!

*NB: While ponds sustain many aquatic forms of life, adding bleach to your coke runs the serious risk of ending yours.

But wait! It’s not over yet! The mixture now has the glaze of a public restroom* floor! Mouth-watering!

*NB: It is probably healthier to drink your own piss* than to drink a bleach-and-coke cocktail.

*NNB: Please don’t drink your own piss if you don’t have to.

Before finally becoming full transparent! Just like water*!

*NB: This is not water. This is absolutely not water. This is coke with bleach in it. Even if you are marooned in the middle of a desert and find yourself with only a bottle of this horrifying concoction, you should not drink it. Just drink the sand or your own sweat.

And then fizzes*!

*NB: See. Clearly not good for you. This. Is. Not. Water. Do. Not. Drink. It. Put. That. Bleach. Down. Enjoy. Your. Plain. Coke.

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