Turns Out Robin Hood Could Have Been A Jungle Book Sequel

Did they steal from the rich movie and give to the poor movie?

We all know Disney liked to recycle key scenes across different films to save animators time and money. Look closely and you'll recognise several dance sequences, characters and buildings in your fave childhood films.

Robin Hood was the lowest budget Disney film ever made, cutting corners left right and centre. They nicked plenty of scenes from the Jungle Book - but what if it was actually a sneaky SEQUEL?


Think about it.  Prince John's hypnotic henchman Sir Hiss is thrown in jail at the end of Robin Hood.

The Jungle Book's Kaa has the same gift.

 Could he have finished his sentence and/or escaped back to the jungle to start a new life?!

*And* fan fave Little John was at a loose end with Robin Hood ran off with Maid Marian.

What if he too ran off to the jungle, changing his name to Baloo?

Convinced? THERE'S MORE.

The Sheriff Of Nottingham's vulture did *not* enjoy being told what to do in Robin Hood. 

So who's to say this isn't him a few years later, chillin' in the jungle where he belongs?

Disney animator Floyd Norman said it was down to "playing it safe". Talking to geekdad.com, he said:

"It's actually harder and takes longer to redraw an existing sequence.

"It's a lot faster and easier to just do new animation, and it's a lot more fun for the animators.

"But [director] Woolie [Reitherman] liked to play it safe and use stuff he knew would work. That's all it was."

We way prefer our version. If you ever bump into Mickey, would you ask him for us?

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