Turns Out There Are TONS Of Errors In 'The One With The Football'


'The One With The Football' is one of the best Thanksgiving Friends episodes, where we watch Monica and Ross work out old rivalries, Rachel go*so* long during the game that she buys a pretzel and Chandler and Joey fight it out for a Dutch girl's attention. Ross is a terrible person as always (he even shouts at a dog, ew). 

But even the most avid Friends fanatics might have missed the continuity errors in this classic episode. 

Check out our video exposing all the hidden details of the episode, above!

Did you notice an Asian guy toss Rachel the ball, when it was supposed to be Monica?! How about Chandler and Joey totally getting it wrong?!

Bonus points: the two kids playing on the swings? They're not just regular actors. And there's a secret message in Phoebe's T-shirt, too...

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