TV Host Spills The Beans About What Matt LeBlanc's REALLY Like On Set


We're jealous of Emilia Clarke for many reasons, one of which being her power to sing Hanson's 'Mmmbop' in Dothraki, and look like a total megababe in Game Of Thrones, one of the best TV shows in history - but nothing compares to this photo:

She hung out with Matt LeBlanc on the set of The Graham Norton Show, on which they both appear tomorrow night (eeeeee) and what's MORE, we can reveal that Matt is just as lovely IRL as he appears on TV.

Fellow Top Gear host Rory Reid has spilled the beans about what Chris Evans and Matt are *really* like on set and turns out, they're wonderful. They're HUGGERS.

"There aren't any problems on set," he insisted. "I'd day 99.9% of what you hear is total nonsense. I know there's been a lot of speculation but the truth is, we all connect on set. There isn't any drama.

"Chris gives me hugs when I'm on set, Matt gives me hugs - and they give each other huge hugs.

"I was watching these guys closely because I'd been reading what had been said just like everybody else. But the first thing I saw when I came on set was these guys giving each other high fives. When I saw how well they got along, it made me feel like the show was going to be okay.

"These guys really do get along and I think it's because they have this connection when it comes to cars."

We can't wait to see if Matt gives Graham a frosty reception after he made a dicey Top Gear joke about him while presenting the BAFTA's. Awks.

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