Twin Peaks: The Complete Catch-Up Guide For Newbies!

Hooray! Cult '90s show 'Twin Peaks' is returning to our screens next year. If you're a 'Twin Peaks' newcomer – or you're simply struggling to recall all those plot details! – here's a handy primer...

[subheader]The show was set in the logging town of Twin Peaks, and opened with the discovery of the body of local teenager, Lucy Palmer[/subheader]

[subheader]It was murder - murder most foul! The FBI sent Special Agent Dave Cooper to investigate[/subheader]

Here's Dave, look. 

[subheader]Dave wasn't doing thumbs-ups for long, though, because the clues he uncovered were ever so confusing[/subheader] 

Hey! Where'd that guy go? Did he do the murder?

Woah. He's back! And he sure is funny-lookin'... But funny-lookin' enough to be a murderer?

Now here's a Lord Of The Rings ring! What's goin' on here?!

Dave has no idea, look. 

[subheader]The local cops turned out to be a bit crap because they couldn't even do Sellotape[/subheader] 

[subheader]So Agent Dave called in his mate Fox Mulder from off The X-Files, to help him work out what was happening[/subheader] 

Oh, except he was Dennis Mulder in this. Then Dennis turned into a lady, or something? Hmm. Something like that, anyway. 

[subheader]There was definitely a thing about owls, about how they were all baddies, maybe?[/subheader]

Yeah, dunno. Sorry. 

[subheader]As Special Dave's investigation continued, things got more and more intense[/subheader]

There were fewer cheery thumbs-ups...

...and this guy got a punch in the chops... there was this guy (Billy? Jake? We forget...). He was definitely pretty shifty!

[subheader]But then it all came out that Laury Pammer had been possessed by owl-ghosts, or maybe just normal ghosts, but with owl faces[/subheader] 

That's why she kept doing weird stuff, and coming back from the dead, like an owl. 

Plus, it turned out she'd been leading a secret double life!

She'd been going to law school, behind everyone's back. 

Hm. That doesn't sound right... But look, it was something like that.  

[subheader]Eventually Dave worked out that it was some guy called Big Bad Bob who'd killed Lara[/subheader] 

Seems, like, really obvious now, looking at him. We're struggling to remember why it was such a big mystery.

Oh, wait. Was he invisible? Yeah yeah! That's it, it's because he was invisible

[subheader]But then, Laura Planer's owl-ghost got inside Dave's brain before he could arrest Big Bad Bob, and he went mad[/subheader] 

(Huh? Who the hell was Annie?!) 

After that, Special Agent Dave mostly just sat around, all zonked-out, aaand...

And that was the end of the show, right? Yep, pretty sure that was that. 

Wait, was there something else that happened, after that?

Hmm. Possibly. Anyway, that's the general gist of the plot. 

[subheader]And that's it. You're all caught up and ready for the exciting return of Twin Peaks![/subheader]