Uhhh, Bob's Burgers Series 8 Premiere is ENTIRELY Animated By Fans

My heart, my heart!

If you thought Bob's Burgers couldn't get ANY more fun, the Season 8 premiere is on its merry way... and it's been animated entirely by FANS.

Animators selected fan art from 62 fans and weaved it into the episode (how frickin' cool is that?!).

They'd submitted a request to the biggest Linda, Tina and Bob fans out there to create their own character, background and main title designs. And now they're ACTUALLY IN THE EPISODE. FOREVER. 

Creator Loren Bouchard said:

"We didn't want it to be the "best drawings," we didn't want slick and professional results, here.

We weren't going for that. We wanted it to feel like it feels when you're online and you stumble across somebody's fan art — and maybe that fan is a kid, but some of those drawings have more life and energy in them than what we could draw."

Is it possible to be in love with 62 people at once? Watch the preview, here:

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