UK Under Attack From Seagulls Tripping Balls On Acid

"They are like little treats for the gulls. They are like M&Ms to them.”

If you live in the UK, chances are you've been taking advantage of the recent bout of sunshine at the nearest beach you could find.

You *might* have noticed some totally batshit seagulls, and dismissed it as normal douchebag seagull behaviour - but turns out they've been dialling it up a notch.

Why? Nothing major, they're just tripping balls on acid.

According to Dr. Rebecca Nesbit of the Society of Biology (via The Huffington Post), there are more flying ants around than usual, and they're seagull drugs.

Tony Whitehead at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says "the gulls are mad for them". 

“There has been a massive emergence of the ants over the last three days and they are like little treats for the gulls.

Family Guy

“They are like M&Ms to them. They go to wherever they are.” So the stereotypes about drunk birds and hen parties in Brighton *are* true... 

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