Ukraine Trolled Russia With A Simpsons GIF, Because That's The World Now

What did you do in the content wars?

Here's the deal: Russia and Ukraine are not currently the best of friends. It's been a whole thing, you might have seen it. Remember Crimea, and Russia gaining control, and disputed international territories?

Well, now it's all led to this: a Twitter gif beef.


Things got heated when Russia began to refer to Anna Yaroslavna, an 11th century royal, as a Russian historical figure. Yes, it's the stuff of classic tweetstorms, and Ukraine argued that this was an attempt to blur the lines between Russian and Ukrainian history.

Which led to a back and forth argument with poorly Photoshopped images, and then... this.

That's right, the official Ukraine Twitter account just trolled the official Russian account with a vintage Simpsons gif.

This is diplomacy now. This is how we live.

And Twitter responded appropriately.

Because is there anything really left to say?