Undeniable Proof That Bran Stark Is Based On Jaden Smith


Game Of Thrones fans are used to odd changes in direction for the show, but no one could foresee one character's radical personality shift.


In the most recent episode, no one could quite believe what had happened to everyone's favourite ex-wall clumber, Bran Stark.

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You would have thought that after 5 seasons or so of running around beyond the Wall, Bran would be happy to return home. But no, he was... well, sort of a dick?

Seriously, where is the lie?

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But, Thrones fans, we might finally have some answers as to why Stark Jr. is acting so weird.

Bran might still look like Isaac Hempstead Wright, but his mind has been occupied by another.

Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya, you Three-Eyed Raven!?

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