Unexpected Banger In The Bagging Area: Tesco Self Service Song Is A Bop

Please take your change.

Forgetting your Bag For Life, bumping into Lynne from next door, dropping a box of eggs; agreeably all VERY FRUSTRATING Tesco faux pas. 

That being said, nothing is more irritating than something you can’t control. Especially when THERE AREN’T ACTUALLY ANY ITEMS IN THE BAGGING AREA but the robotic lady in the self-service machine insists there are.

But for one Twitter user, this typically aggravating situ created an opportunity.

‘Ben Suff Donk’ became the genius behind a new banger, sampling the passive aggressive tones of Tesco.

His simple tweet, stating: ‘I made this song out of Tesco noises’ has gone viral af with over 35k retweets.

Have fun getting this stuck in your head the next time you nip out for some milk. 

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