Impractical Jokers Moments That Make Hilarious Unintentional Memes

Sal, Q and the gang are funniest when they don't mean to be...

The Impractical Jokers all have such meme-able faces. 

From Murr's dribbly speech assisted by Novicane to Sal's awkward bingo hall grimaces, we can't tell if it's the situations they find themselves in, or if they were just born that way.

Warner Bros.

Tbh, it's probably a bit of both... 

In light of this realisation, we've concocted a selection of unintentional memes for your viewing pleasure.

Thank us later.

14 Unintentional Impractical Jokers Memes:  

Watch The Impractical Jokers Silliest Pranks On Strangers: