Viktor Krum Actor Reveals Deleted Deathly Hallows Love Triangle

Never trust a Durmstrang...

Thought you knew Harry Potter inside out, Potterheads? Well, you were wrong.

WRONG, we tell you. 

It turns out that Ron and Hermione were almost scuppered on their journey to happily ever after.  

By WHO? You ask. What villain would be so evil to ruin one of the greatest love stories of all time? 

Well, it seems that dreamy Bulgarian Quidditch prodigy Viktor Krum was almost a Death Eater… OF THE HEART.

Dreamy actor Stanislav Ianevski has revealed that Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 nearly saw him get in the way of Romione’s burgeoning romance... again. 

Speaking on EW's Binge podcast, Stanislav revealed that director David Yates penned an extra scene that saw Krum return to try to win Hermy-own-ninny’s heart one last time. 

“[Yates] invented a new story that wasn't in the books, a love triangle between Viktor, Hermione, and Ron. But that was cut out of the film because it obviously didn't fit with all the horrible things that happen in the last book,” he explained.

If you ask us, this would’ve been worse than Hedwig’s death, snakey Bathilda Bagshot and the whole naked Harry and Hermione thing put together, but whatever. 

“We did a new dance scene, I sort of stole [Hermione] from Ron. She remembered our old times, Viktor was acting like a gentleman again, happy to see her, she was happy to see him. Ron was sitting on the side, was jealous, and then Viktor took her to the dance floor.”


No. Probably not. 

Stanislav added: “I don't know how far they could go. If the story from the seventh [film] that David Yates invented extended itself then maybe they would've gotten into a fight with Ron, and Viktor would obviously win and then live happily on forever with Hermione.”

Imagine that for a minute. IMAGINE. 

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