Want To Know Who Earned The Least Of The Friends Gang?

Of course you do. Step this way.

It's was a long-running joke in Friends that Joey was always struggling with his finances.

In fact, fans worked out that, by the end of the show, Joey owed Chandler over ninety thousand dollars.

But did you know that Joey had financial troubles in real life, too?*

(* well, the others slept on slightly higher piles of money than he did, is what we mean)

In a documentary filmed on the final episode of the last series, Matt LeBlanc reveals how he was on the lowest salary of the cast.

In fact, it was revealed that the only reason he achieved a raise was because David Schwimmer gathered the gang into a mini union, and demanded that the producers pay them equally and fairly. 

This was near the beginning of the show's run, in which time it had become a smash hit. The producers didn't want to lose any of the cast, and thus risk the chemistry of the show, and so they bowed to their demands.

"He initiated the idea that if we stick together, nobody can rattle us", he told Barbara Walters. "And it worked out, especially personally, for me. I was earning the least amount."

Watch the mini doc below...


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