Warning: This Epic Potato Snapchat Will Cut You Real Deep

Shouldn't it be onions that make you cry when you peel them?

Potatoes get a bad rap on the internet.com. 'He looks like a potato', they say. 'You're a couch potato', your mum cries. But potatoes should be celebrated, don't you think?

Potatoes are the backbone of most great meals (helllooooooooooo fries. And dauphinoise. And pasties. And mash. And... ok we'll stop now). They are heroes that roll among us - and they deserve to be given more credit. 

That's exactly what 12 year-old Noor just did and honestly, it's beautiful. 

“People are like potatoes,” she wrote. “The colour of skin or having marks doesn’t matter. Because they are all the same once the skin is removed.” Have we lived on the internet too long, or does that make far too much sense?

Maria said she was floored by her sister’s joke, and decided to tweet it.

“I just found the whole concept so funny. I never thought of potatoes like that until her Snapchats,” she said.

Neither did the rest of the world, Maria. But they do now. Now let's go eat them 'til we puke, shall we?

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