Definitive Proof That Emily Wasn't Actually A Bad Person

Well, up yours, too!

Of all the characters in Friends, few are more disliked than Emily Waltham, Ross’s second wife. But does she really deserve that? We examine the evidence.

Come on, you’d be livid as well

Imagine being Emily. You’re stood at the altar about to marry a man that proposed to you after only a few weeks. You took some persuading, but you love him and want to marry him. And he rolls up and calls you the wrong name. You’d be FUMING. What a DICK.

It wasn’t just any name

Ross not only said the wrong name, he said the name of his ex-girlfriend – an ex-girlfriend who looks like Jennifer fucking Aniston. It’s not like accidentally calling your teacher Mummy, you know? Was wanting her out of the picture really that unreasonable? “Hey, dear husband, which friend are you hanging out with today? The absurdly beautiful one you used to have sexual intercourse with? Yeah, cool.”

The whole “Hey Rachel, come on the honeymoon with me” thing

If you’d just ruined your wedding day by saying the wrong name, a pretty sketchy-looking thing to do would be to go on the honeymoon with the woman whose name you’d said. Ross did that, or tried to at least – was Emily really so wrong to jump to the conclusion that he was a big cheating piece of shit? You'd expect hijinks at a minimum. HIJINKS AT A MINIMUM.

Her dad’s a badass

Does that count for nothing?

And her stepmum’s Jennifer Saunders

Come on!

She’s British, damn it

Have we no semblance of loyalty? A British person becomes the seventh Friend and instead of welcoming her we’re all like “NO NO NO GET OUT ROSS AND RACHEL 4 EVS”. This is why we don’t have an empire anymore.

Look at the size of that Toblerone

No bad person could buy a present that cool. We'd love to stay and chat, but we gotta go - there's a deer outside eating fruit from the orchard.

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