Watch 1,200 People Play Human Mattress Dominoes And Feel Again

They bent over backwards to get this done.

What can 1,200 people achieve with 1,200 mattresses in 13 minutes and 38 seconds that will change the world?

Well, a lot, probably. They could definitely go some way to make sure everyone in need has a bed and/or a comfortable place to rest, but, y'know, whatever. They chose to break the world record for human mattress dominoes instead. 

And don't get us wrong, it is bloody excellent. The record was broken by Aarons, Inc., a Georgia-based appliance company on March 22. 

But our favourite thing isn't how fun it looks (though it totally does) it's that everyone is falling daintily at each others' feet and then BAM, THIS GUY:

Check out the whole thing below. 

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