Watch Ben Affleck's Ex J-Lo Slam His New Phoenix Tattoo

Jennifer Garner joined in too: "Am I the ashes?!"

It's not just normal folk who pore over their ex's Facebook page long into the lonely nights, screaming, 'WTF ARE YOU DOING!? WHYYYY!?' into a pillow for months after a break up. Celebs do it too, except sometimes it's on live TV. 

You remember J-lo, the Latino hottie from the block and one-time Gigli star who just so happens to have dated Ben Affleck. He recently went through a very public split with another Jennifer (Garner, also an actress, though a considerably better one) and to ease the pain, he joined the roster of celebrities with the worst tattoos on Earth.

Lopez was asked by WWHL Clubhouse host Andy Cohen to give her God's-honest opinion of her ex's heeeuuuuge, multi-coloured new phoenix 'artwork', which covers the entirety of his back - and she didn't take any prisoners.

"It’s awful! I mean, I would tell him that…like…what are you doing?’ she said. ‘It has too many colours. His tattoos always have too many colours.

She went on: "They shouldn’t be so colorful, you know what I mean? They should be, like, cooler."

Ouch. But it's Jennifer Garner's opinion on the inking that's the most scathing, saying in a Vanity Fair interview:

"Bless his heart,’ Garner said. ‘And I am the ashes? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes."

Looking at them now, we would too. Check out J-Lo's interview (and the hideous tattoo) in this video: