WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Is HILARIOUS In This Brand New Ghostbusters Clip

Mate, did you really need to be funny as well?'

Remember that guy from school who was great at everything? Bafflingly chiselled from the age of 11, he spent his days acing tests, scoring screamers and MSN-ing every girl within a ten-mile radius.

Remember how much you hated that kid?

Well, prepare for all that pent-up nerd rage to come bursting out of you once more.

In a short promo snippet for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, the cast reveal how world-famous-handsomest-man-on-God’s-green-Earth Chris Hemsworth is also one of the funniest actors they’ve ever met.

Playing the squad’s dim-witted secretary Kevin, the Aussie heartthrob isn’t a stranger to comic roles. He starred in Ed Helm’s vacation, and he’s pretty much the only lol-worthy part of the Avengers.

Watch the snippet below:

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