WATCH: Every Hilarious Video Obama's Making Instead Of Doing Any Work

Sure, he's skiving off in his last months. But at least he's bloody hilarious.

What would you do if you were on your way out the door as the President of the United States? Run naked through Washington, stamped with anti-Trump tattoos? Steal a few heirlooms before Hilz gets her grubby mitts on 'em? Pore over this video of Ted Cruz elbowing his wife in the face, to make sure you don't repeat his mistakes?

Probably all of the above - and if you're Barack Obama, arguably the coolest President to have graced the White House, you make a few comedy videos too. We're celebrating the big guy's birthday by rounding up his best viral hits...

He joked about being such a has-been, that Prince George turned up to their first meeting in his bathrobe:

Challenged Prince Harry to compete in The Invictus Games (and the Queen had something to say about that):

And lolled about on the sofa with Joe Biden, contemplating his impending nothingness (and pissing about on Snapchat):

Who will bring the laughs when Obama's gone? Sure, Trump's policies are hilarious, but the laughter's dying down as he steps closer to actual, possible Presidency. Guess that leaves David Cameron, and he NEVER does anything funny. Oh, wait...

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