WATCH: First Bus Spectacularly Photobombs Epic Demolition Video

Eat my dust, bus.

Sometimes, the planets align, the birds sing, and things happen with magically perfect timing. Things that are so ironic, you can hardly believe they actually took place.

Like this photo.

Or this one.

Local photographer Garry Cornes had set up his camera ready to film the planned demolition of a local building at 10.30am last Sunday - but his plans went up in smoke when a bus driver pulled up in front of him, at the EXACT moment he was waiting for.

Beautifully done, bus driver. Beautifully done.

Cornes said: "The ultimate photobomb of the Norfolk Court Demolition in Glasgow, thank you First Bus." And we thank you too, First Bus - we'll be watching this over and over again until lunchtime.

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