WATCH: Gardener Is Rescued By Entire Family After Getting Stuck In Compost Bin

"You're just going to have to lay me down."

Man gardens. Man falls in compost bin. Man cannot wrench himself free. Man calls to his entire family, who cannot help, because they are almost desd from acute belly laughter.

A soon-to-be classic tale of British hardship and triumph over adversity, captured on video by who we can only presume to be the fallen gardener's former loved one, or a garden gnome. Here's a picture from the story's prequel, 'Shit, my bank card was in there':

Watch as the man's family struggle to pull him free from the plastic prison, before he walks to the middle of the garden and his children attempt to pull him out.

Who wouldn't take the opportunity to roll their Pa across the grass like a barrel while trying not to wee themselves with glee? Not these kids. These kids know exactly what to do in a crisis (and they've got jobs at Comedy Central, any time).

Watch the full clip here:

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