WATCH: James Corden Parodied Beyonce's Lemonade Album And It's Sasha Fierce

When life gives you lemons, make a viral video.

A standard day in James Corden's life: wake up, learn dance routine with A-lister and two year-old, sing louder than professional singer in passenger seat of car, post to legion of fans, congratulate self, hit drive-thru, bed. 

A slightly-above-average day in James Corden's life: wake up, SLAY A PARODY OF BEYONCE'S NEW VISUAL ALBUM, post to legion of Jay-Z haters, congratulate self, become international comedy hero, hide from Jay-Z, hit the drive-thru, hide from Jay-Z, bed.

That's right, Corden fans, the British export has surpassed himself. Just one day after Beyonce sent shockwaves across the world with (Sasha)fierce new album Lemonade, James has donned a yellow dress with ruffles in places we didn't know ruffles could go, hit a TV with a baseball bat and taken a dirty bath for our viewing pleasure. No monster trucks as yet, but hey, it's only Tuesday.

Check out the awesome video in all its glory and pray Queen Bey takes the rest of the album off Tidal so we can understand the references.

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