WATCH: James Corden's Super Secret Recorded Call With Yeezy

He's got Taylor's back.

This week the world has watched as the half-decade-long T-Swizzle/Yeezy/Kardashian feud has grown out of control.

Alleged butthole pics, leaked phone calls, the lot.

It's cray.

And now your dream BFF, James Corden, has weighed in with a neat little video of his own recorded conversation with one Kayne West.

Based on the leaked 'proof' that Tay-Tay approved Kanye's lyric about her in "Famous", Corden offers Yeezus some feedback:

"I don't know if she'd be open to that. I don't even know if she's with someone right now. You can check on the internet but she's super private about that kind of stuff, she really doesn't let people know what's going on in her personal life. So if I was you I'd just let it go."


Anyway, check out the rest of their convo and James Corden's anger at being secretly recorded below:

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