WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Reacts To Being Asked About The Friends Reunion

For the 983974837th time.

The Friends cast probably spend 99.9% of their time answering questions about a possible reunion, so it’s understandable that they might have become a little miffed off by now.

So when her Mother’s Day co-star Jason Sudeikis threw the question at her during an E! News interview, Jennifer Aniston reacted accordingly.

"Pfft!," laughed the star when Jason repeated the question, before tapping her question cards in response.

To be fair, we’ve been guilty of going on about it a lot. There’s only one option - we’ll have to respect their wishes and keep our mouths closed.


That would be much better. We like the second option.

So Jen, how's about that reunion we’ve been hearing so much about?

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