WATCH: Jimmy Fallon And Ariana Grande Had A Lip Sync Conversation And It's Pretty Special


In 2006, late-night American talk shows were completely unknowable to UK audiences. Like Oreos or cereal made with lard and marshmallows, it was a U.S-only institution that we could never hope to understand or enjoy.

But a lot’s changed in the past decade. Oreos are now the most popular biscuit (don’t @ us) in Britain; US cereals can now be purchased from any extortionate sweet shop, and we all waste the majority of our days binge-watching late night celeb-packed talk shows on YouTube.

And if we were to choose our favourite, it would have to be Jimmy Fallon – if just because he has the worst fake laugh in history, and he cracks it out every 0.3 seconds.

Here he is having a lip sync conversation with Ariana Grande (which reminds us - Lip Sync Battle is awesome, isn't it)…

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