WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Gives Chris Evans A Chilly Willy

He's the epitome of cool.

Look, we know Chris Evans is cool. Not the ginger one who loves cars and is definitely, 100% NOT feuding with Matt Le Blanc, but the other one. The hot one. You with us? OK, good.

So Chis Evans is cool. He's a legitimate superhero, for god's sake. But even superheroes must cast off their capes and do a little promo now and then, especially when they've got a new movie coming out (Captain America: Civil War).

And so to Jimmy Fallon Mr. Evans trundled, soon presented with a funnel, a bucket of ice water and a set of cards. Intrigued? So was he. Until one out of those three things slid past little Chris and all the way down his leg. And we bet you can guess which one...

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