WATCH: Kid Asks Kim Kardashian Why She's Famous, She Literally Cannot Answer

He said what we're all thinking.

Look, there are some things in life we may never decipher. Will I ever catch 'em all? Are there really people out there who enjoy the taste of Marmite? Why *are* the Kardashian family famous?

But one brave young kid called Sid wants answers, and he wants them now. Conveniently, he hangs out at the Kardashians' house rather a lot, so it was easy for him to ask Kim K up front. Dude, why *are* you in our faces all the time?

Kim, being the smartypants she is, added this thinly-veiled diss from the toddler population of the world, straight to her Instagram feed. And then two more:

He *really* wants to know what the point of all this is:

And Kim can't figure it out either, come to think of it:

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