WATCH: Kid Wakes Up From Surgery Thinking He's A Cowboy Who Buys Prostitutes From Dubai

"Who are you, freaky woman? We ridin' through the wickey wickey West!"

You've seen two evil brothers convince their sister a zombie apocalypse was coming after she had dental surgery. You've watched one poor girl wake up thinking she was Kylie Jenner after having her tooth out.

Now, we challenge you not to cry-laugh as you watch this kid do his very best Woody impression, if Toy Story was completely, utterly NSFW. The boy, named Brandon, was plied with some VERY strong painkillers after having his arm reset following a nasty break - and came round with a cowboy accent fit for a Disney pixar movie.

When his mum asked what he'd been up to while he was gone, he replied:

"I bought a camel in Dubai, man, me and my camel were going through the wickey wickey wickey West, man! I roll' roun my camel, with my hot-ass wife and my kids man. DUBAI WAS LIT!"

When she pressed him for more details, he told her:

"I buy like billions of strippers man! No strippers?! What you talkin' about freaky woman? WHO ARE YOU?"

Watch the thing yourself, right here. And again, and again, and again.

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