Watch: Phillip Schofield Was Once In An Episode Of Friends!

He ditched Holly for Hollywood.

When Matthew Perry went on This Morning to promote his play The End of Longing, there's a good chance Holly Willoughby was star-struck.

After all, it's not every day that the show features genuine A-listers. Usally, it's just Katie Hopkins and people with gastric disorders.

But Phil? Nah, he's seen it, done it, and bought the tee shirts. Because according to the veteran host, he once appeared on an episode of Friends!

Kind of.

“One of my greatest claims to fame is that I am in Friends,” he said. And yeah. It's technically true...

Fuck it, we're still impressed. But not as impressed as we were by the news that Ben Shepard (and his actual face) was in the show at Joey's premiere.

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