Watch P!nk Freak The Eff Out When Surprised With Her Crush, Johnny Depp


P!nk is freaking out right now. She is freaking. the. eff. OUT.

And who wouldn't when faced with their lifelong celeb crush - who so happens to be Johnny Depp - in front of a studio audience - when they'd just been talking about how much they loved them for a full-on five minutes. Yeah. You'd be dead. Your heart would no longer be beating.

Somehow she managed to keep breathing as the 'Alice In Wonderland' star jumped out of nowhere to give her a hug and a smooch (but we're more concerned with how she managed not to punch Jimmy Kimmel when Johnny decided to kiss him right on the mouth. Right on the goddamn mouth).

You can watch the full encounter below (we recommend doing so with a family-size bucket of chicken and an overwhelming sense of your life's terminal banality. Worked for us).

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