Watch Scrubs Zack Braff Read A JD Monologue Written By A Robot

He's OUR Superman.

Scrubs is officially coming to Comedy Central. GET LIT.

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In the midst of all the excitement, we did some stalking and found what we believe is the weirdest video ever.

To summarise, Botnik Studios used predictive keyboards to write an average Scrubs script.

Scrubs, but by a robot. Check the script out here:

As much as we'd LOVE to see the whole cast act out the appauling script, one man, one hero, stood up to the task alone.

That man, was Zach Braff.

He resurrected J.D himself for this horrific monologue, written by a ROBOT. Check it out:

"Beautiful and brilliant in it's own way" is definitely one way to put it...

You can catch Scrubs on Comedy Central starting the 15th of January at 4pm. 

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