Watch: This Guy Is So Popular With Ducks He Has His Own Duck Gang


Remember when your mum told you that swans could break your arm? That's a myth, but even so: swans are still heartless bastards.

As are most of the water bird kingdom, come to think of it. You could never be mates with a duck, for example. You just wouldn't get on together.

But could you rule them? Could you lead a loyal squad of ducks into battle? Could you, ultimately, become their god? No you could not. But this man can, for he is the Duck King.

The video, which was shot in February but has resurfaced on Reddit recently, shows a group of ducks so enamored by their glorious leader that they're prepared to step in the way of traffic to follow him.

And if this isn't #SquadGoals, we don't know what is.

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