Watch Toddlers Teach James Corden And Gwyneth Paltrow How To Dance

It's toddlerography, and it's brilliant.

Listen up, this is our formal apology to Gwyyneyythyh (sp) Paltrow. We dissed you for paying bees to sting you, but we want to take it back. You're actually hella cool.

Why? Because you let toddlers teach you how to dance and the results were BLOODY BRILLIANT. Much better than bee stings, anyway. 

James Corden and Gwyneth performed the routine as part of a new segment called "toddlerography" on The Late, Late Show

All the pair had to do was copy the moves of their toddler instructors exactly. And that they did. 

Side note: why are these toddlers better at dancing than us and 60% of our friends? What do they feed them in LA? 

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