11 Ways To Perfect Your 'Walking Dead' Halloween Look

Looks that just scream 'brains please'.

Each year, there are plenty of Halloween outfits to choose from; a witch, a Día de Muertos skeleton, a cat.

But does anything ever truly beat a reliable, rotting zombie? It fills every quota - creepy white contact lenses, torn up old clothing, pale skin. And the beauty of it is that you can go whole hog with liquid latex and special effects wax, or you can just dig out that Rimmel eyeshadow from 2007 and do what you want.

Whether it's the former or latter you're going for this year, here are a few tutorials to get you started.

1. The one that keeps your make up intact

This one looks super easy, and requires everyday items such as tissue, eyeliner and lipstick to make.

2. The slightly more complicated one

For this one you'll need liquid latex and spirit gum, but the effect is pretty awesome so we expect that that visit to eBay will be well worth the effort.

3. The glamorous one

A decent make up palette is all you need for this, so it's especially handy if you're already well into your beauty products.

Plus you won't look like a total mess. Win win?

4. The bite

Sure, you've got a zombie face, but where's the proof you were actually bitten?

This appears to use some special effects wax moulded into a bite shape, filled in with some red and surrounded by red-and-blue colour for that truly infected look.

5. For zombies who contour

This is one of the tricker options, but one that won't reduce you to a hunk of rotting flesh.

If you've got a pretty comprehensive make up bag, this one's for you. Go on, be a zombie that Kim Kardashian would be proud of.

6. The burned one

And what if you were a zombie that happened to walk through a fire, or in the path of a flamethrower?

This hack uses some eyelash glue, tissue, fake blood and face paint. Not bad.

7. For those that CBA to buy face paint

Why use face paint and liquid latex when you can use Vaseline and old foundation?

Cosplayer SuperMaryFace's tutorial isn't as high impact as ones that use the full kit, but is perfect if you just want to get zombied-up and out of the house pronto.

8. The less-is-more one

Pollyanne uses lipstick and eyeshadow to make her skin look really raw and hollow.

This one's all about concentrating on where you put it, rather than lathering it on - though if you want to get the special effect wax out, you can do that too.

9. The more-is-more one

Fine, so you want to spend hours achieving the goriest, bloodiest, most-horrific zombie option out there, and money is no object.

Here's what to do you if you want to have lost all of your friends by the end of the evening.

10. The rotten one

For this one, YouTuber RawBeautyKristi has thought out every little detail - from making a mould of her own teeth to having the wounds look like they have vegetation growing in them.

Again, not one you can knock together in five minutes, and you'll need some proper equipment. BUT LOOK AT HER FACE.

11. The understated one

For those that just want to get home after the party and be able to wash it all off.

Job done.

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