We Ate This Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza So You Don’t Have To

Cheeus Christ.

Every once in a while two foods come together in a holy, disgusting union. The Pizza Hut Mac n Cheese pizza is a prime example of this - oozing layers of bechamel sauce, covered in mac n cheese finished with crispy onions and a dash of regret.

Pizza Hut

When these gimmicky food combinations come up, there’s always a part of you that wants to try it. But could you? Could you seriously bring yourself to travel to a Pizza Hut, take that slice covered in what is essentially a second meal, and place it within your food hole?

Well, we did it for you so you don’t ever have to be faced with the gooey, stodgy, painful consequence of consuming a large mac 'n' cheese pizza.

Let us walk you through the mental process.

Slice one:

Comedy Central

Okay, you’re hungry. You’re ready for this. You like all the constituent parts. You’re happy that we live in a world where it’s acceptable to put mac n cheese on top of another fast food.

You dive in. It’s creamy. It’s not as disgusting as you’d expect. You could do with maybe some spice or more garlic, but for now, it will do. 

You love mac 'n' cheese and pizza so really what could go wrong?

Slice two:

Comedy Central

Wow. Okay. Wow. That was quite a lot. This may not be physically possible. It's like pizza, but double? 

Does anyone else want a slice? Wow.

Slice three:

Quick! Just move onto slice four before your stomach realises you've consumed the equivalent of two meals already.

Slice four:

Comedy Central

OhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgodOhgodohgodohgod you do not feel good.

Slices five, six, seven and eight:

*Drifts into a food haze, where reality and dream become one*

*Dies of carb consumption*


If you too would like to suffer from carb overload, you can get yourself some cheesy goodness at Pizza Hut restaurants from the 10th of July, in celebration of Mac 'n' Cheese day for £21.95.