We Can't Stop Drawing Super Freaky Cats

The internet's done it again.

The online world is a wonderful place. There's just so much to explore: trebuchet memes, Bee Movie editsPhotoshop battles.

And now it's even better, because the guy who figured out how to use maths to turn any image into a dick pic has done it again, building a tool that turns your shitty drawing of a cat into an actual horror show. To be fair, it uses images of real cats, but the results are terrifying.

We gave it a try and ended up genuinely disturbed by what we managed to create. Like this little fella.

We're not sure if the teeth are actually teeth, or ears, or just a glimpse into an eternal nightmare.

To recover, we tried to make a little cutie pie, but failed dismally. If anything, it was even more harrowing than our first attempt.

We will never unsee this.

Our final attempt was an experiment to see whether it was possible to create a critter with three eyes. As it turns out, horribly, the answer is yes.

If you're ready to try it yourself, just head on over to Christopher Hesse's website, which includes the tool.

And don't say we didn't warn you.

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