We Challenge You Not To Laugh At The Huge Pig Balls In This Local News Story

His name is Goliath and oh, wow, that's why.

Remember those horror stories a few years back about kids pestering their mums to let them have a micro pig, only for the little pinky to grow into a humongous hog that ate the kitchen table and the family hamster when they popped out for a pint?

Yeah, this is like that, except funny, 'cos balls. BALLS.

A local news station back in the 90s felt it necessary to cover a pig farm, for reasons we won't go into because who cares, and when they got there they found THIS:

Goliath the pig had something to show them, and the news team were not ready for that jelly. No sir.

Let's see the balls again, because that's what you're here for, isn't it.

And here's the whole video of the sorry affair:

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