We Created The Perfect Woman Based On Feedback From The Men Of Reddit

Yes, we built her from scratch and are releasing her into the world.

Soooo a Reddit thread asked men what they found least attractive about women. 

To be precise, the question was, "What is something women think makes them more attractive to men while men think it makes them less attractive?"

And with the men of the internet being all too eager to share their critiques of women, a veritable cavalcade of bullshit tumbled forth.

Things that men hate apparently include duckfaces, shawls, makeup, lip piercings, tans, assertiveness interpreted as bitchiness, women acting dumber than they are, women acting smarter than they are, bright lipstick, naturalistic lipstick, high waisted pants, fake breasts, spandex, the word "bae", selfies, women in high-powered careers, long hair, short hair, and more.

They really are an easy to satisfy bunch!

So to help out, we decided to take all of these incredible inputs and run them through our Make-A-Perfect-Women-O-Meter-3000 to see what came out.

And based on all the information we had, we were able to produce the PERFECT WOMAN.

Are you ready?

Here she is!


You're welcome, boys.

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