We Learned How To Brew Beer Like Vikings

Viking kids = drunk messes...

Well, this is it lads: the nights are longer, the days are colder. Winter has well and truly come.

Bears have hibernation, bees just go and do a die, and what the hell are we humans supposed to do? Nothing. Just freeze to death because we can’t afford to stick on the heating, cuffing our way to a warmer bed.


Well, that and eat our bodyweight in delicious nom noms and get our beer jackets on!

That’s why we were so psyched to be invited along to Temple Brew House on Tuesday for the chance to learn how to brew our own beer, VIKING STYLE!

20th Century Fox / Bravo Solutions / Comedy Central

Turns out them old Vikings enjoyed a decent tipple (when they weren’t out pillaging and all that), as (get this) beer was often more hygienic than water. They even gave the stuff to their kids! Oh to be a Viking baby.

We started out with the usual brewers’ recipe: malt, water, and hops. Boring, right? Them Nords liked to spice things up a bit: bring on the ginger, elderflower, sloe, and juniper. Try to imagine a gin-beer. If that doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will.

All in all, it took us three hours to get the brew going, but once it was off, it was off. Sadly, we won’t get to taste the finished product for another few weeks (damn you, fermentation), but that’s more than enough time to make our way through the new season of Vikings!

Basically, imagine Game Of Thrones but winter’s been around for a while, with fewer dragons and a hell of a lot more gore. Sounds good? We thought so!

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Josh Pappenheim - @papsby

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