We Worked Out How Many Times The Friends Threw The Ball

PS. Chandler's a dropper.

Have you ever seen The West Wing? It's a bit like that at the Comedy Central HQ. We're always walking around corners dramatically, making high-powered decisions that effect you. We're very, very important, influential tastemakers, and we work ourselves to the bone.

Case in point: today, we spent a good few hours counting the exact amount of times the Friends cast threw a ball in the episode 'The One With The Ball', all in celebration of today's #FriendsFridays Sport Relief marathon, playing 1-7pm. 

Why did it take us so many hours, you ask? Because counting is surprisingly difficult, and because shut up, okay?

So here's your answer: 36. The gang, despite the inclusion of serial dropper Chandler Bing, managed 36 onscreen catches and throws.

On the basis that they went on for hours off-screen, we can only assume the number is much, much higher - so, let's be honest, we haven't really achieved anything here, have we? 

Sorry guys.

But yeah, watch #FriendsFriday episodes, 1 'til 7pm!

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