What Does Your Favourite Biscuit Say About You?

You are what you eat...

Since the moment we first heard our own voices in our head screaming "U NEED A SHIT", and saw our disgusting reflections in the mirror, humans have been searching for one thing: a definite personality.

In a world of good and evil narratives, flip-flopping politicians who are for the people one minute, for themselves the next (classic Tories), and Tinder bios demanding we distill our entire being into ten words that might as well say "PLEASE" and a regrettable Thailand tiger photo, how can we more clearly define ourselves as individuals?

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Well, ladies, gentlemen, or however you identify, we have an answer.

Hopeless Surfer's Biscuit Personality Test

First, let us know which is your favourite biscuit...


Then find our your personality below...

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