What Happened When South Park Took On Donald Trump

Spoiler alert: he dies.

The team behind South Park aren't known for pulling any punches when it comes to politicians and celebrities. Kanye's still angry.

But what happened when they took on Donald Trump, a melted pumpkin brought to life by a passing shaman?

Well, the story goes something like this: South Park is overrun with Canadians. They're everywhere. And Mr. Garrison is pissed. He hates them saying "buddy" and putting maple syrup on things. It's disgusting. Despicable.

So he starts a campaign against them featuring an inspiring song, "Where My Country Gone?"

Comedy Central/South Park

He wants to build a wall. A BIG, BEAUTIFUL WALL.

Remind you of anyone?

But then Mr. Garrison discovers that Canada has already built a massive wall so that they can protect all their cool shit from Americans. He wants the cool shit. He needs it. So he travels to Canada to see just what kind of cool shit they have.

He finds a wasteland, run by the Canadian President. Is it Donald Trump? We may never know. 

But you can judge yourself from the below clip of him dancing to the Safety Dance.

Comedy Central/South Park

What the hell happened here? HOW IS HE PRESIDENT?

Some Canadian refugees explain to Butters: "Nobody ever thought he’d be president! It was a joke! We just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were all ready to say, “Okay, let’s get serious now, who should really be president?” he was already being sworn into office. We weren’t paying attention! We weren’t paying attention!"

Comedy Central/South Park

Mr. Garrison kills the Canadian President and happy Canadians return home, leaving the teacher to announce his own campaign to become America’s president.

So what’s the moral of the story? TRUMP SUCKS AND DON’T BE RACIST. Because Mr. Garrison's also terrible.

The other moral is, South Park's awesome. Don’t mess with these kids, Trump. Kanye can tell you what's up.

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